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How to catch bass with football jigs. First what is a football jig? It is a jig with the head shaped like you guessed it a football. The football shaped head is to get the lure with the hook to stand straight up which minimizes snagging. Your standard jigs (bullet shaped heads, round heads, mushroom heads) will tip over and lay on their side and from this position snag often.

The football jig is dragged on the bottom  and is used in rock sand mud, anything but weeds. The football jig when dragged on the bottom stirs up the mud and sand and mimics a crayfish. The football jig has great action when compared with other standard jigs. The football head always keeps the hook straight up. The football jig is a heavy jig and is fished deep normally in weights of 1/2 . 3/4 , and 1 oz. Expert anglers fishing this lure drag it on the bottom say to visualize what the bottom is where you are dragging the lure.

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How To Catch Bass using the orginal floating Rapala. The crankbait lure that started it all for Rapala was the floater made of balsa wood. Rapala since the development of the floater back in to 1960’s has developed quite an assortment of all kinds of great specialty crankbaits including shad

raps, deep diving shad raps, suspending shad raps, rattling raps, DT6 8 10 12 etc, clackin rap, minnow rap, and others. First I will say that confidence in the lure you are fishing is of utmost importance to fishing success. For crankbaits I prefer Rapala because I have had wonderful success with their brand.  You may prefer another brand (Rapala is not the only manufacturer).

The orginal floating rapala is a crankbait lure that floats and has a small lip (which means it is a shallow runner and will run in depth from the surface to about 6 feet deep). The orginal floating rapala is a great surface lure for largemouth and smallmouth bass. It has a very natural minnow enticing action to it. A slow wobble I would decribe it. From a boat or the shore fish for bass in the shallows in the spring thru the fall. From a boat systematically work the shallows (where lakes are not too choked with weeds).

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As discussed on this website maybe one of the deadliest techniques for bass is using the Senko rigged wacky style worm (hooked in the middle) of the worm. Using a 4 or 7 inch senko

shaking the rod working the rod tip from the 10 oclock to the 12 oclock position gives the senko a very enticing wiggly motion that bass find hard to resist. Fishing the senko or other wacky syle worms work very well without weight or with a splitshot in weed pockets or the top of submerged weeds. Now lets talk about fishing the weedline out into deeper water.

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How To Fish A Senko / How To Catch Bass

The Senko is a great bait for catching bass. It is a very famous lure. You can rig a Senko Texas style or wacky style. I can tell that wacky style is the way to go. Wacky style is where you simply hook the Senko in the middle of the worm.  Hooking the senko in the middle gives the bait much

irregular enticing action when you shake the rod (described below). What size , what color to use?, Here in Minnesota the 4 inch is probably the standard but get some 7 inch ones also. There will be days when the bass will prefer one size over the other. What color? The most popular color is the natural brown or cinnamon color, purple , white, and black are also good producers. Equipment use a 6.5 ft rod with a baitcaster or spincast reel with 15 to 20 pound flouro carbon line. How do fish the senko? Cast the senko and let it fall to the bottom. On the fall if you see the line move set the hook, you might have a fish. When fishing the Senko you will get most of your strikes when the Senko is on the fall. When the line stops you are on the bottom. Reel in  the slack, then shake the rod moving the rod tip up approximately a foot from the 10 oclock position to the 12 oclock position. Also try small fast shakes twitching your rod (from the 10 oclock to 12 oclock position) tip. Let the fish tell you what action they want for the shaking action.  Let the senko drop to the bottom. Reel in the slack slowly keeping the bait within a foot of the bottom. Then repeat the rod shaking described above. Work the bait back to you. Do not shake the rod and reel at the same time. That will move the bait to far off the bottom (where most of your fish are). Add the Senko to your how to catch fish methods if you have not done so. The Senko rigged and fished wacky style is the hot bass bait.


How To Rig A Texas Worm

How to catch bass. One of the favorite all time methods for rigging plastic baits (worms , lizards, crayfish, creature baits

etc.) is called the Texas rig. The Texas rig is a favorite for bass fisherman and tournament anglers.
Many bass fisherman would not think about being without this method. To rig a texas worm. Take an offset
worm hook and start threading the worm through the nose up to the bend in the hook, Then put the hook thru
the bottom of the worm and slide the worm up to the eye of the hook right thru the bend in the worm hook.
Then rotate the worm . You are now ready to embed the hook to make your Texas rig weedless. Let the worm lay straight.
At the bend of the hook is where you will insert the hook. Thread out the top of the worm. Now the hook
should be perpendicular to the back of the worm. You then pull slightly the plastic worm up and
bury the tip of the hook into the plastic. Your Texas rig is now almost weedless. You can use other plastic
baits (izards, crayfish, creature baits etc.)to do the same. Try the texas rig to help you catch more fish.

Flippin and Pitchin is a great way to fish bass. Wether you are fishing a weedline, docks, fallen trees, a wall or other. The Flippin and Pitchin allows

you to cover water fast and effeciently.  Equipment for Flippin and Pitchin would include a 7 ft rod , a bait caster reel and 20 pound floro carbon line. Bait to include as top choice a tube jig or a lizard jig. How to pitch. Take the bait with your hand and let enough line out so the lure is even with the reel. Put the rod tip down and lift the rod tip up. The lure will  cast and drop softly to the place you want. Watch the line as it hits the water. Many hits come soon after. Any movement in the line set the hook. Take an example of fishing a weed line. You are using a trolling motor effeciently hitting precise spots along the weed line , letting the jig drop vertically , shaking or jigging the lure, then retrieving the jig back to the boat. Lone targets along the shore are also good targets for bass. An example a stump. Pitch the jig to the stump. Let the jig hit the stump and work thru limbs down to the bottom. Shake the jig and let it hit the stump and give off vibrations. For a good looking lone target you may want to cast 5-10 times. For flippin the lure technique. You take your free hand and grab the lure and put your hand out to the side of your body pulling out as much line as you can. Then lower then lift the rod and release the line with your free hand. Then let the bait drop the short distance to the target. You do not reel.  As your lure hits the brush you jig a few times working the cover and when free from the cover pull the line in with the free hand and repeat , flip to a slightly different spot. You are not reeling. You work vary fast and effeciently this way. Try flippin and pitching to help you catch more fish. It is a fun and different way to fish.  There is a very good reason why most tournament bass fishermen use the pitchin and flippin technique. It is a very fast and effecient way to cover a great amount of water.

How to catch fish in the milfoil. The last dozen years or so milfoil has spread quickly to many northern lakes. Lake Minnetoka a prime example where the milfoil has replaced much of the natural aquatic vegetation. The bass fisherman has had to adapt. Many would be bass fisherman switch

 to a lake that does not have milfoil.They should not give up so easy. Example in Minnesota Lake Minnetoka still rates in the top ten best bass lakes in the United states. The milfoil growth in Lake Miinetonka has happened over the last 15 years (rather recent). Lets talk about fishing the in the summer when Milfoil lakes have there thickest vegetation. Look at a partular section of milfoil like a map. Where are the thickest parts, where are the thinest parts, where are the edges? One great technique is to fish the open pockets . Use a weedless rig such as a weedless Carolonia worm. Use a 3/4 oz sliding lead bullet sinker. Fish the open spots in the milfoil weed mat. Fish verticallly or near vertically. Throw the bait let it puch down thru the weeds to the bottom. Then jig it up a few times about a foot or two off the bottom. Pause the bait repeat the same jigging technique. Spend a about a minute or two. Then move to the next open spot. Move pretty quickly and cover a lot of water to find the active fish. You can also fish the edges. Use a crank bait or a caroline rig. Try fishing the milfoil lakes to help you catch more bass.


How To Catch Bass Using a Jig Worm

The jig worm is old forgotten method by many bass fisherman but deadly method to take bass. To other bass fisherman the jig worm is a staple to not be without. What is a jig worm? In essence a jig worm is just what it states . One , it is a jig head with a 4-6 inch worm. You can use a straight worm or a curly tail worm. There are specially designed jig heads for jig worms that when the head of the jig head touches the bottom The hook and rigged worm stands straight up perpendicular to the bottom. Rigging a jig worm . Method one thread the worm onto the hook then turn the hook around and point the hook into the plastic worm. You now have a very weedless lure to fish bass. A jig worm is a great choice during cold fronts. When the bass have turned inactive. Many times the jig worm presentation will cath bass when no other method wiill work. Try a jig worm to help you catch more fish.


For those not familar with swim baits. A a swim bait is a very relaistic looking plastic fish that is put on a special hook with a weight placed toward the eye of the hook in most cases. There are some swim baits that will attach to regular style jig. What makes a swim bait a deadly method for

catching fish is that it has a very natural enticing swim and plus a lot of fisherman do not use these swim baits. Swim baits come in two style tails. One the tails style is a natural looking fish tail. This fish tail allows the bait to swim in natural minnow style fashing. The second style swim bait tail is called the boot tail. Instead of a natural tail the tails flat like the bottom of a boot. This boot style tail causes the bait to swim with extra movement. Use thr natural swim bait tail early in the spring or later in the fall when the water temps are colder and the fish are not as active. Use the boot style swim baits when in the summer when the water temperatures are warmer and the fish more active. When fishing a swim bait a slow steady retrieve is best. Try adding some swimbaits to  your arsenal of fishing methods. Swim baits are a good choice for bass or walleye.

A great bait for catching more bass. Is to use a weedless frog. One of the more popular weedless frogs is called the scumfrog. Types of cover to fish

are lilypads, downed trees, flooating masts of weeds, docks. called fishing the slop. This kind of fishing requires heavier tackle . Use 30 pound test line. Casting learn how to throw a bait casting sidearm to skip the from into spots such as under docks. Start with your rod overhead then sweep it down sideways to cast. Your weedless frog should be worked slow or no faster the moderate. One tip that will help you catch more bass is to wait until you no longer see the bait hooks before setting the hook. If a fish hits your lure but you still see the lure do not set the hook. Leave it there where it is . Twitch the lure a couple times and see if the bass will take a more direct hit on the frog. Many fisherman will try to set the hooks on any type of strike. They are making a mistake. This will help you catch more fish.

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