How to catch bass. One of the favorite all time methods for rigging plastic baits (worms , lizards, crayfish, creature baits

etc.) is called the Texas rig. The Texas rig is a favorite for bass fisherman and tournament anglers.
Many bass fisherman would not think about being without this method. To rig a texas worm. Take an offset
worm hook and start threading the worm through the nose up to the bend in the hook, Then put the hook thru
the bottom of the worm and slide the worm up to the eye of the hook right thru the bend in the worm hook.
Then rotate the worm . You are now ready to embed the hook to make your Texas rig weedless. Let the worm lay straight.
At the bend of the hook is where you will insert the hook. Thread out the top of the worm. Now the hook
should be perpendicular to the back of the worm. You then pull slightly the plastic worm up and
bury the tip of the hook into the plastic. Your Texas rig is now almost weedless. You can use other plastic
baits (izards, crayfish, creature baits etc.)to do the same. Try the texas rig to help you catch more fish.

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