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Possible Record Muskie Caught In Minnesota

Wow !!!! Here is the link to the Lake Millacs 57×28 in potential Mn state record Muskie.

Caught recently Nov 2015

Last Updated June 7, 2013


The word from across the state is the ice is now out. The ice just went out a few days ago in the northern third of Minnesota. With the temperatures getting near normal (70’s for highs).

There have been excellent walleye fishing reports coming in from Millacs Lake, Leech Lake, and other lakes. The crappies have started their first move into the shallows and have biting.  

The St. Croix river has had some good reports coming in. I was out on the St Croix this weekend and did catch two walleyes. Trolling crankbaits in about 15 feet of water.  

Lake Minnetonka has good reports of crappie fishing in Seton bay. Shallow water in 10 feet or lees.