As discussed on this website maybe one of the deadliest techniques for bass is using the Senko rigged wacky style worm (hooked in the middle) of the worm. Using a 4 or 7 inch senko

shaking the rod working the rod tip from the 10 oclock to the 12 oclock position gives the senko a very enticing wiggly motion that bass find hard to resist. Fishing the senko or other wacky syle worms work very well without weight or with a splitshot in weed pockets or the top of submerged weeds. Now lets talk about fishing the weedline out into deeper water.

Sometimes the edge of the weeds ends abruptly and you have a weed wall , where the transition from weeds to to no weeds happens fast and appears like a wall on your depth finder. At other times the edge of the weeds does not happen abruptly but transitions to no weesd over some distance. Over this transition area you will have weeds growing six inches , a foot , two , three feet etc.

Using the dropshot method for a senko we are going to fish the where the weeds are less then 2 feet as shown on your depth finder. To rig the drop shot take a 12 inch to 18 inch piece of line and tie it to the bend of the hook where your senko is hooked. Then on the bottom end of this line tie a bell shaped sinker in 1/4 to 1/2 oz size.

You will then fish your senko on the weed wall or the transation zone fromm weeds to no weeds. As example in Minnesota this weed edge is 12 to 14 feet in milfoil lakes. I find it best to mark the edge of the weeds with a couple marker buoys say 30 yards apart.  Your marker bouys are a great tool for fishing and helps immensely. Where on the weeds to fish. look for weed points and inside turns are a good place to start.

These spots are natural ambush spots. You will cast your dropshot rig out a ways and the let the sinker hit the bottom. Then shake your rod tip from the 10 oclock to the 12 oclock position. You will be working the bottom foot to two foot of the lake. This is where your biggest bass hang out. Work your drop shot snke back to the boat. Try working from the edge of the weedline out say 30 yards. If the fish are there and biting you can keep working that area or go further away from the weeds. If you have not tried this method give it a shot. A technique to add to your list of methods in how to catch bass.

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