The Senko is a great bait for catching bass. It is a very famous lure. You can rig a Senko Texas style or wacky style. I can tell that wacky style is the way to go. Wacky style is where you simply hook the Senko in the middle of the worm.  Hooking the senko in the middle gives the bait much

irregular enticing action when you shake the rod (described below). What size , what color to use?, Here in Minnesota the 4 inch is probably the standard but get some 7 inch ones also. There will be days when the bass will prefer one size over the other. What color? The most popular color is the natural brown or cinnamon color, purple , white, and black are also good producers. Equipment use a 6.5 ft rod with a baitcaster or spincast reel with 15 to 20 pound flouro carbon line. How do fish the senko? Cast the senko and let it fall to the bottom. On the fall if you see the line move set the hook, you might have a fish. When fishing the Senko you will get most of your strikes when the Senko is on the fall. When the line stops you are on the bottom. Reel in  the slack, then shake the rod moving the rod tip up approximately a foot from the 10 oclock position to the 12 oclock position. Also try small fast shakes twitching your rod (from the 10 oclock to 12 oclock position) tip. Let the fish tell you what action they want for the shaking action.  Let the senko drop to the bottom. Reel in the slack slowly keeping the bait within a foot of the bottom. Then repeat the rod shaking described above. Work the bait back to you. Do not shake the rod and reel at the same time. That will move the bait to far off the bottom (where most of your fish are). Add the Senko to your how to catch fish methods if you have not done so. The Senko rigged and fished wacky style is the hot bass bait.


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