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4844755_s (Medium)For the many of you that come up to Minnesota for the fishing opener next weekend you would be advised to call the area you are going for conditions. It has been one of the coldest  April and early May that I can remember. There is ice on most of the lakes from about Millacs lake North.

Fisherman are still ice fishing on Millacs  Lake as of today May 5. Big Sandy lake still reports 20 inches of ice. A few days ago central Minnesota where I live received 6 to 8 inches of snow. There was still 3 inches of snow on the ground yesterday although today it has almost all melted.

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How to catch Walleye

Here is a great fishing destination for anglers. It is the Red Wing (Minnesota dam) near the town of Red Wing Minnesota. The time of year to fish would be March and April. As I look out my window here in Minnesota (March 9 Saturday)  I am seeing snow banks in the road in depths of 3 to 5 feet . The temperature yesterday morning was single digits Fahrenhiet.  Hey I thought it was suppose to warm up in March!  It really won’t be too long.

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One of the greatest freshwater fisheries in the world is Lake of The Wood. It is so big it would be impossible to cover all areas of the lake in one article. It would take a book. Canadian fishing Lake Of The Woods is different in that most of the lakes 14,000 lie in Canadian waters. This is a bonus to have protection for your average boater in the boat size of 16 to 22 foot. The American side of the LOW is one huge body of water unsheltered by islands.

One great area to fish walleye is the Sioux Narrows Ontario area. From Sioux Narrows there is what I would describe as a long narrow arm portion of LOW. This arm of LOW is .5 to 1 mile wide and runs 15 miles long out to one of the bigger lake areas of LOW whitefish bay. Also as you get out 15 miles you are definitely in a remote wilderness area.

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How to catch walleye.

One of the greatest fisheries on the planet is Lake of The Woods. Bordered by Minnesota  on the South, Manitoba , and Ontario on the North. LOW has phenomenal populations of walleye, smallmouth, big northern big, and a world class musky fishery combined into one huge lake. Few waters can boast of this diversity and populations of fish species. LOW approximately 80 miles wide by 80 miles has 14,000 islands. Much of this lake is big and wild (undeveloped).

So where does a new angler to LOW choose to go fishing? Let’s take walleyes species. Walleyes are found literally throughout Low in high populations. Let’s break down the lakes in a few chunks that hold the highest populations. Start on the south shore of LOW on the Minnesota side from Warroad, Mn to Baudette Mn you have a very large portion called Big Traverse bay. You cannot see across it. Big Traverse bay has very high populations of walleye and because commercial netting has been stopped for some years now has only increased the walleye population  and the average fish size in this section of LOW.

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The Perch Patrol / Fishing Devils lake


It’s the dead of winter as write this post in Minnesota . It suppose to be -16 F and -30 F windchill tonight. The dead of winter many refer to as the period after new years until about March 1st when the the weather is pretty darn cold. How about taking a couple three days vacation and going on a fishing trip. Something to break the winter.  A great get away would be to Devils lake North Dakota for an ice fishing trip with the famous Perch patrol guide service.

Devils Lake note for its jumbo perch one of the world best perch fisheries and to boot one of the 5 best walleye lakes in the United States. A couple friends and myself were talking about doing this trip. A bucket trip to do at least once for every fisherman. It is said a  pound to a pound and ½ perch are common. Perch are a great eating fish.  There is a Amtrak train option you can take for a very reasonable price.  Yes a bucket trip on my list.


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