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My very favorite  fishing subject. Summer  weed line fishing for panfish. You can successfully have very good to excellent consistent fishing throughout the summer. I do not see many (if any) fishermen using this technique. Which is all the better!!!!!

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(Left , A deadly deadly method that works all season long. In the middle The Gulp Alive One Inch minnow, On the right a green 1/32 ounce jig.  On the left gulp alive spray. I do not receive compensation for the Gulp product . I am just a reviewer of the product.)




The weed line typically in the summer grows to about 10-12 feet in depth around most lakes in the summer. This renders most of the shallows unfishable, chocked with weeds.  Also what the summer weed growth does is push a big concentration of fish (both predator and baitfish)  to the edge of that weed line.

How do you do it fish the weed line? With a boat you need a depth finder. You will need a couple yellow and orange colored marker buoys with lead weights.  Fishing tackle would include a medium rod , open spinning reel with 4 pound test line.

For bait use a 1/32 ounce yellow or green jig. Tip the jig with a gulp alive 1 inch minnow (comes in a small jar). This stuff is incredible!  I do not bother buying any live bait. It is that good!! You need a plain red and white bobber the size of a ping pong ball. Your are now going to fish random spots on the weed line and you will spend no more than 10 minutes at one spot if you do not catch fish. Pick a spot any spot (I like spots that have nearby access to 15-20 feet depth adjacent to the weed line).

Go into the weed line and then come out of the weed line toward deeper water. When you see the weed line drop off throw out the marker buoy.  You can do this again about 30-50 yards down the weed line with a second marker buoy. If the weed line stops about 10-12 feet. Set your bobber at a depth of  7-8 feet. Panfish feed looking up so set your depth 2-4 feet off  the bottom you’re your depth finder).

Cast around your marker buoys. Try varying your retrieve. What I found works best most of the time is a very slow retrieve with some pauses.  You will know if you are in a good spot you get fish right away. Keep moving generally I may fish 3-4 hour period and there will be some lulls.

But throughout the summer I find the fishing very consistent. I use this all summer long on a variety of small ponds to big lakes. It works. Try this method and leave some comments. I would love to know how you did. I will try to include finer details in future posts for fishing weed line panfish. You already have enough info in this article to be a very successful weed line panfish fisherman.

When you are successfull do not forget to save a few for the frying pan or oven to cook for a meal. In my opinion the best tasting fish of all.

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