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Fish and chips go together like a horse and carriage or more like bread with butter. So here is a great healthy way to make  french fry tasting chips without the grease. Use your Nuwave oven.

P1010110 (Small)

Buy some potatoes (I like the red small potatoes. Wash then slice in thickness of about ¼ to ½ inch. It is up to you. The thinner the slices the more crispy the outcome will be. Use the nuwave high rack. Spray with cooking spray.

Place the potatoe slices on the rack. Spray the top of the potatoes with the spray. Place the potatoes in the nuwave and set the timer for 15 minutes.  Cook until golden brown.


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How To Cook Walleye In The Nuwave Oven

I love my Nuwave oven for cooking walleye. It cooks very fast because of the convection heating.

Below beutifully cooked golden brown Walleye in Nuwave oven in 18 minutes.

P1010104 (Small)It is important to get the best tasting fish to prepare your fish properly. Fillet your walleye and skin your fish. Wash your walleye in water then put on a dry paper towel and pat dry.

Dip your walleye filets before you bread it. A product that is excellent you can find in your grocers refrigerator case is called egg beaters (which are egg whites). Pour some egg beaters in a bowl.

The next step is to dip your fish filet into the egg beaters using a fork put it in your breading and push the fish down into the breading to get more of the breading to stick to the filet. Then put the filet on the Nuwave high cooking rack. First spray your Nuwave cooking rack with a no stick cooking spray.

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The Basics On How To Grill Fish

Grilling fish is a great way to cook fish.


Fresh fish is always best.  Fish should not be fishy smelling. Try to cook the fish the same day you buy it. Pre heat the grill. Brush the cooking grate with oil so the fish will not stick. Firm fish is best to cook such as salmon or halibut. Wash the fish fillet.  Pat the fillet dry with a towel. Then brush with oil. Season the fish (salt and pepper). I like lemon pepper seasoning. Place skin side down on the grill. Cook salmon 3-4 minutes per side. When the fish flakes it is done. Softer fish such as Talapia requires a container such as tine foil. For fish kabobs use firm fish such as halibut. Cube the fish place on Kabob with vegetables. Brush with oil and marinate if you wish.

Good Eatin!

How To Cook Fish Over and Open Fire

How To Cook Fish

To cook over an open fire. First create coals . Build a prymid style campfire. Let the fire burn down. Shovel some of the coals to the side. Put a steel grate over the coals. Then put your cast iron skillet on the grate.  Do not cook over an open fire but use coals to the side. As you are cooking the fish shift the skillet around the grate . Make sure  the grate is even. Use a spatula to take the fish out of the skillet.


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How To Grill a Walleye / Fish Recipe

Fish Recipe grilling walleye.

Season walleye fillete. Put in grill. Set the Dakota grill 320 degrees for  25 to 30 minutes, Set the probe temperature for 145 degrees. When done it will be moist and flaky. Wonderful eating!!!

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Baked Pan Fish Delights / Fish Recipes

In my opinion the best tasting fish in the world is panfish (crappie and sunfish). There are many great panfish recipes.  Below is my favorte fish recipe. I like baking my fish which I believe is as good as tasting as fried fish without the extra calories. First filet the panfish removing the bones. Wash and and set the panfish filets on a paper towel. Pat dry the top side of the fish with a paper towel.


Left . Panfish cooked from panfish caught on  Sept 1 2012 outing . See Sept 2 Post How To Catch Dog Days Of  Summer Panfish







1) Take Shore Lunch in a box put on a plate. Take either egg beaters , egg whites , or whole eggs,  and place in a bowl.

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Baked Salmon In Nuwave Oven / Fish Recipes

I love my Nuwave oven for cooking salmon. It cooks very fast because of the convection heating. Take salmon you buy at the store which is frozen and marinated in a plastic air tight bag. Put the salmon on the cooking rack skin side down.


Left.  The cooked result.




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Fish Recipes

A wonderful under-utilized grilling technique for fish is using a soaked cedar plank. On the grill it will give your fish a wonderful smoky cedar flavor. To start with get some cedar planks .  A BBQ store sells them in bundles. If buying your cedar planks from a lumber store make sure they are untreated lumber. Soak the cedar plank in water overnight.

Let’s use a salmon filet for an example. I like the wild caught pacific salmon because you get the good omega 3 oil. You can use your choice of fish.

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Fish recipes

Here is an great easy fish recipe for southern cajun catfish. Ingredients are Oil (olive oil), salt and pepper, cajun pepper, garlic salt, onion powder.

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Fried Fish Quick and Easy / Fish Recipes

Here is a fried fish recipe that is quick and easy and does not need a lot of ingredients. The ingredients are: milk , flour, salt pepper, your choice of breading. It could be bread crumbs crushed cornflake crumbs etc.

1) Take your fish and salt and pepper both side.

2) Dip the fish in  milk.

3) Dip the fish in flour.

4) Then put the fish in your choice of coating cornflake crumbs bread crumbs etc.

5) Fry in a pan medium heat for 3-4 mn a side (until a delicious brown).

Serve and Enjoy!


How To cook fish.

Fish Recipes.

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