How to catch bass with football jigs. First what is a football jig? It is a jig with the head shaped like you guessed it a football. The football shaped head is to get the lure with the hook to stand straight up which minimizes snagging. Your standard jigs (bullet shaped heads, round heads, mushroom heads) will tip over and lay on their side and from this position snag often.

The football jig is dragged on the bottom  and is used in rock sand mud, anything but weeds. The football jig when dragged on the bottom stirs up the mud and sand and mimics a crayfish. The football jig has great action when compared with other standard jigs. The football head always keeps the hook straight up. The football jig is a heavy jig and is fished deep normally in weights of 1/2 . 3/4 , and 1 oz. Expert anglers fishing this lure drag it on the bottom say to visualize what the bottom is where you are dragging the lure.

Once the the lure falls to the bottom fish the football jig as follows. Hold the rod at a 10 oclock position and real in steady (fairly fast) at a constatnt speed . Say you hit a boulder or a log. At that point pause the lure and slowly drop it making more noise on that boulder or log. Try to entice that fish in that fish holding structure to hit your lure. With a football jig your hits are normally aggresive but can be just a thump. Colors for football jig. Keep it simple and use green, brown, black , cinnamon, and crawfish mult color.

A specific very popular plastic to use on your football jig would be a Yamamoto double tail. You can also use a standard jig skirt. Try the football jig on deep structure. The football jig has one many bass tournaments. Add the football jig to your how to catch fish methods.


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