For those not familar with swim baits. A a swim bait is a very relaistic looking plastic fish that is put on a special hook with a weight placed toward the eye of the hook in most cases. There are some swim baits that will attach to regular style jig. What makes a swim bait a deadly method for

catching fish is that it has a very natural enticing swim and plus a lot of fisherman do not use these swim baits. Swim baits come in two style tails. One the tails style is a natural looking fish tail. This fish tail allows the bait to swim in natural minnow style fashing. The second style swim bait tail is called the boot tail. Instead of a natural tail the tails flat like the bottom of a boot. This boot style tail causes the bait to swim with extra movement. Use thr natural swim bait tail early in the spring or later in the fall when the water temps are colder and the fish are not as active. Use the boot style swim baits when in the summer when the water temperatures are warmer and the fish more active. When fishing a swim bait a slow steady retrieve is best. Try adding some swimbaits to  your arsenal of fishing methods. Swim baits are a good choice for bass or walleye.

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