A great bait for catching more bass. Is to use a weedless frog. One of the more popular weedless frogs is called the scumfrog. Types of cover to fish

are lilypads, downed trees, flooating masts of weeds, docks. called fishing the slop. This kind of fishing requires heavier tackle . Use 30 pound test line. Casting learn how to throw a bait casting sidearm to skip the from into spots such as under docks. Start with your rod overhead then sweep it down sideways to cast. Your weedless frog should be worked slow or no faster the moderate. One tip that will help you catch more bass is to wait until you no longer see the bait hooks before setting the hook. If a fish hits your lure but you still see the lure do not set the hook. Leave it there where it is . Twitch the lure a couple times and see if the bass will take a more direct hit on the frog. Many fisherman will try to set the hooks on any type of strike. They are making a mistake. This will help you catch more fish.

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