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Today May 11, 2013 is the walleye and northern opener of the Minnesota fishing opener. A Christmas like atmosphere of celebration accompanies this event in Minnesota each year. A lot of hoopla.  The Minnesota governor always participates and the TV cameras reported the governor caught a walleye or two.

Today we were cold fronted high winds of 30-40 MPH have made conditions dangerous here in central and southern Minnesota. Lake Pepin was reported with 4 foot high waves and few if any fisherman.

While the northern half of the state is mostly ice covered. Some fisherman still got out and fished the edge of lakes where incoming streams open the water.  

Reports in central Minnesota have been slow with a few bright spots. The Lindstrom area had some good reports. Walleye are just starting to spawn. Generally a tough time to caught walleye.

Reports that crappie have been found in the Twin City area lakes in deeper water 15-20 feet. For Crappies not much movement into the shallows has happened because it has been so very cold. Today you needed a goose down coat and stocking cap for the conditions.

This week’s weather forecast includes one 90 degree day and several stable days in the with temps in the mid 70’s. This should greatly help and next weekend should be more favorable at least for crappies and sunfish.

Interesting link shows damage to homes on the south shore of Millacs Lake when the 40MPH wind blew the ice right up on the shore causing home danaeg. Watch the incredible news footage link.

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