The jig worm is old forgotten method by many bass fisherman but deadly method to take bass. To other bass fisherman the jig worm is a staple to not be without. What is a jig worm? In essence a jig worm is just what it states . One , it is a jig head with a 4-6 inch worm. You can use a straight worm or a curly tail worm. There are specially designed jig heads for jig worms that when the head of the jig head touches the bottom The hook and rigged worm stands straight up perpendicular to the bottom. Rigging a jig worm . Method one thread the worm onto the hook then turn the hook around and point the hook into the plastic worm. You now have a very weedless lure to fish bass. A jig worm is a great choice during cold fronts. When the bass have turned inactive. Many times the jig worm presentation will cath bass when no other method wiill work. Try a jig worm to help you catch more fish.


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