How to catch fish in the milfoil. The last dozen years or so milfoil has spread quickly to many northern lakes. Lake Minnetoka a prime example where the milfoil has replaced much of the natural aquatic vegetation. The bass fisherman has had to adapt. Many would be bass fisherman switch

 to a lake that does not have milfoil.They should not give up so easy. Example in Minnesota Lake Minnetoka still rates in the top ten best bass lakes in the United states. The milfoil growth in Lake Miinetonka has happened over the last 15 years (rather recent). Lets talk about fishing the in the summer when Milfoil lakes have there thickest vegetation. Look at a partular section of milfoil like a map. Where are the thickest parts, where are the thinest parts, where are the edges? One great technique is to fish the open pockets . Use a weedless rig such as a weedless Carolonia worm. Use a 3/4 oz sliding lead bullet sinker. Fish the open spots in the milfoil weed mat. Fish verticallly or near vertically. Throw the bait let it puch down thru the weeds to the bottom. Then jig it up a few times about a foot or two off the bottom. Pause the bait repeat the same jigging technique. Spend a about a minute or two. Then move to the next open spot. Move pretty quickly and cover a lot of water to find the active fish. You can also fish the edges. Use a crank bait or a caroline rig. Try fishing the milfoil lakes to help you catch more bass.


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