Flippin and Pitchin is a great way to fish bass. Wether you are fishing a weedline, docks, fallen trees, a wall or other. The Flippin and Pitchin allows

you to cover water fast and effeciently.  Equipment for Flippin and Pitchin would include a 7 ft rod , a bait caster reel and 20 pound floro carbon line. Bait to include as top choice a tube jig or a lizard jig. How to pitch. Take the bait with your hand and let enough line out so the lure is even with the reel. Put the rod tip down and lift the rod tip up. The lure will  cast and drop softly to the place you want. Watch the line as it hits the water. Many hits come soon after. Any movement in the line set the hook. Take an example of fishing a weed line. You are using a trolling motor effeciently hitting precise spots along the weed line , letting the jig drop vertically , shaking or jigging the lure, then retrieving the jig back to the boat. Lone targets along the shore are also good targets for bass. An example a stump. Pitch the jig to the stump. Let the jig hit the stump and work thru limbs down to the bottom. Shake the jig and let it hit the stump and give off vibrations. For a good looking lone target you may want to cast 5-10 times. For flippin the lure technique. You take your free hand and grab the lure and put your hand out to the side of your body pulling out as much line as you can. Then lower then lift the rod and release the line with your free hand. Then let the bait drop the short distance to the target. You do not reel.  As your lure hits the brush you jig a few times working the cover and when free from the cover pull the line in with the free hand and repeat , flip to a slightly different spot. You are not reeling. You work vary fast and effeciently this way. Try flippin and pitching to help you catch more fish. It is a fun and different way to fish.  There is a very good reason why most tournament bass fishermen use the pitchin and flippin technique. It is a very fast and effecient way to cover a great amount of water.

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