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December Fly Fishing Tips For Stream Trout

How To Fly Fish.

Much overlooked is winter stream trout fishing . Many states have a winter fishing season for stream trout. You can catch trout in the winter. A few tips when fishing stream trout in the winter, Fish the warm days, Say the weather pattern has been 10-19 degrees for highs and then warms to mid 30’s for highs. You want to fish the  warm days mid 30’s and fish the the mid day hours when the temps are the warmest. The warmest time of the day are when the fish are the most active. Avoid the days of frigid or inclement weather when there is snow or rain/sleet.

The nymph pattern are best choices. The rabbit hare and pheasant tail nymph would be at the top of the list. The fish will be lying on the bottom. To get  to the bottom you will need a split shit bb about 4-5 feet in front of your nymph. States that allow multiple flys will allow you to tie 2 – 3 flies on your line. Some fly fisherman like to put a lead fly right where the tippit ties to the floating fly line.

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Stream Trout Fly Fishing The Woolly Bugger

The woolly bugger fly is an all time favorite among many  fly fisherman. This fly is at the very top of the list of many experienced fly fisherman. So if you have not tried the woolly bugger on trout or other fish. Why not give it a try. What makes the woolly bugger a fantastic fly to fish is that it looks very edible and lively in the water. Some say it mimics a leech. Others say it looks like a small minnow or a small swimming bug. I guess it would matter where you are fishing as to what the woolly bugger would look like to a feeding trout or fish.

Retrieval methods for the woolly bugger:

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How to fly fish the woolly bugger.

One of the great all around flies for fly fishing is called the woolly bugger. The woolly bugger works for many specie of fish including steelhead , trout,  bass, and other. Many fly fishermen if having to make the choice of one fly to fish exclusively would choose the woolly bugger. The woolly bugger can be tied in many different colors (black, olive, tan) being the most popular.

We will concentrate on how to fish the woolly bugger for steelhead. Black is the color most steelhead fishermen fish . A black woolly bugger resembles a leach that will attack and feed on steelhead eggs. The steelhead will instinctively defend against the leach. For fly fishing the woolly bugger for steelhead you do want to have enough weight on your leader to just tap the bottom.  For fly line you want a 6 to 8 weight.  

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Motorized Float Tube Fly Fishing

Just when you thought you have seen everything. Here is a motorized float tube. It comes with an electric motor. They will go 4-5 Miles per hour. That is really whizzing along. Can you believe that it even has a depth finder. Cool! Way cool! For the duck hunter they can special order you a camouflage tube.  For the handicap fisherman this float tube could be an option. The float tubes can be attached together in pairs. The motorized float tube comes with wheels amd folds up to store in your truck of a car.


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Float Tube Fishing / Shore Fisherman Special

Many shore fishermen find themselves very limited to public areas to fish. Many of these areas here in Minnesota (and elsewhere) are crowded.  One answer to those shore fishermen that cannot afford a boat would be a float tube which cost  about $100.  A float tube  is not an inner tube but as a very special designed tube that holds air, has a built in seat, and rod holder, drink holder and pockets for gear to be stored in. 

The float tube is a fun way for a fisherman to fish hard to get places. A fishermen  (wearing a life preserver ) sits in the seat and propels the float tube with swim fins. With a float tube you will be able to access lakes , ponds, and rivers that do not have a boat ramp.  Areas that are too shallow for a boat to go in will also work great for a float tube. Many experienced anglers that own a boat are getting on the fun of float tube fishing.  A motorized float tube is even availble!!!







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A thingamabobber is a very specialized bobber for steelhead fly fishing. It looks similar to a balloon about the size of a ping pong ball. The thingamabobber is a great invention for steelhead fly fishing.  It has very little weight and will show the fisherman even the lightest strike. To rig the thingamabob you put a loop in the line at the correct depth you want to fish. You put the line loop thru the eye of the thingamabob and around your thingamabobber. Then pull the line tight.  Another method is to just clinch knot your Tippett to the line above the thingamabob . Tie on a 3x tippet with a length at the depth you want to fish. You can also tie a double fly on the line with this type of rig. Make sure double flys are legal in the state you are fishing.

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Steelhead Fly Fishing , How To Fish A Nymph

Fly fishing a nymph is an excellent method to choose to catch steelhead.  Like nymph stream fishing for rainbow trout only your equipment and the nymph size are beefed up  to tackle one of the most pound for pound fighting fish.

To fish a nymph for steelhead use a spay or single hander fly rod is preferred.  Have a 10 foot leader is standard length. Set the strike indicator 1.5 feet deeper than the water you are fishing. A strike indicator is really a specialized bobber for fly fishing. You want to set enough weight or split shot in front of your fly on the line to tap the bottom once In a while.

Most fishermen have too much weight on to where it is dragging the bottom.  Putting just enough weight on the leader to tap the bottom once in a while will give the nymph just the right natural presentation and look to the fish you want. Ideal water speed to fish a nymph will be about 3 miles per hour and in the depth range of 4 to 8 feet.

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How to fly fish for steelhead.

Swinging a fly for steelhead is a method of fishing a sinking fly with a fly rod. The Recommended rod is a spay rod . The fly line is floating 7 weight. The line starts with 15 feet type 6 leader leading into the leader which is 5 feet long and is 15 pound floro carbon tippett.


With the swing fly method of steelhead fishing you are going to work downstream. That is different then your usual upstream small stream trout method. You will cast the fly diagonally across and downstream. You will then let the fly sink to the bottom (giving it several seconds to do so).  As the fly sinks and floats downstream the line will become tight and the fly will swing in a radius and eventually become straight downstream from you the fisherman.

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We are going to cover the basic equipment and choices the angler has for fly fishing steelhead. There are three rod types :

There are three rod types :

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How to fly fish the grasshopper pattern. Late summer dry hot weather brings out the grasshopper hatches. At times it is hard not to notice them. Grasshoppers can come out in droves. August and September are prime time for grasshoppers although grasshoppers can be found throughout the summer. Trout feed on grasshoppers all summer.

The grasshopper when hitting the water makes a loud splash. Windy and dry weather will be what trout fisherman hope for. Wind will start the trout feeding when the grasshoppers hit th water. Typical good grasshoppers spots are are streams with grassy fields in farmland. Grasshopper patterns can be fished on the surface and grasshoppers can be fished below the surface. Fishing grasshoppers work best later in the day as the day warms. For floating grasshoppers you can use the foam body grasshoppers imitation.

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