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How to catch fish in the milfoil. The last dozen years or so milfoil has spread quickly to many northern lakes. Lake Minnetoka a prime example where the milfoil has replaced much of the natural aquatic vegetation. The bass fisherman has had to adapt. Many would be bass fisherman switch

 to a lake that does not have milfoil.They should not give up so easy. Example in Minnesota Lake Minnetoka still rates in the top ten best bass lakes in the United states. The milfoil growth in Lake Miinetonka has happened over the last 15 years (rather recent). Lets talk about fishing the in the summer when Milfoil lakes have there thickest vegetation. Look at a partular section of milfoil like a map. Where are the thickest parts, where are the thinest parts, where are the edges? One great technique is to fish the open pockets . Use a weedless rig such as a weedless Carolonia worm. Use a 3/4 oz sliding lead bullet sinker. Fish the open spots in the milfoil weed mat. Fish verticallly or near vertically. Throw the bait let it puch down thru the weeds to the bottom. Then jig it up a few times about a foot or two off the bottom. Pause the bait repeat the same jigging technique. Spend a about a minute or two. Then move to the next open spot. Move pretty quickly and cover a lot of water to find the active fish. You can also fish the edges. Use a crank bait or a caroline rig. Try fishing the milfoil lakes to help you catch more bass.


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How To Catch Walleye Using Spinners

An old technique and still one of the best techniques for catching walleyes is using a spinner setup. This method has been around a long time but is often overlooked by the walleye angler. What is a spinner ? It is simpley a spinner blade on a leader with beads a hook (for minnows) or a tandem hook for leeches and crawlers. You can buy spinner setups for walleye pre packaged or you can make them yourself. Try to choose the bead setup

that match the forage color the walleye are feeding on. Silver beads would be a good color choice that mimicks a shiner. The grean and yellow colored beads night mimick a perch. Instead of beads there is also the option to use a minnow shaped bead. For the novice fisherman it is probably easiest to buy them pre packaged. A greaty option for bait when using spinners is the super baits such as gulp in minnows , leeches or worms. A spinner will tend to give the super baits action it normally would not have on a straight hook. Not to say that your standard live bait is not good also. If you cannot get to a bait shop the super baits are excellent. How do you fish a spinner for walleye. Trolling at 1 to 1.5 MPH is a good speed. You can also drift with the wind. Spinner baits are easy to fish. Spinners for walleyes are great especially during the summer when the walleyes are most active. For equipment I find the medium rod with a spin cast reel with 6 pound test the best. Try a spinner bait to help you catch more walleye.


 pictured left a spinner rig with a night crawler.

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How To Catch Bass Using a Jig Worm

The jig worm is old forgotten method by many bass fisherman but deadly method to take bass. To other bass fisherman the jig worm is a staple to not be without. What is a jig worm? In essence a jig worm is just what it states . One , it is a jig head with a 4-6 inch worm. You can use a straight worm or a curly tail worm. There are specially designed jig heads for jig worms that when the head of the jig head touches the bottom The hook and rigged worm stands straight up perpendicular to the bottom. Rigging a jig worm . Method one thread the worm onto the hook then turn the hook around and point the hook into the plastic worm. You now have a very weedless lure to fish bass. A jig worm is a great choice during cold fronts. When the bass have turned inactive. Many times the jig worm presentation will cath bass when no other method wiill work. Try a jig worm to help you catch more fish.


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For those not familar with swim baits. A a swim bait is a very relaistic looking plastic fish that is put on a special hook with a weight placed toward the eye of the hook in most cases. There are some swim baits that will attach to regular style jig. What makes a swim bait a deadly method for

catching fish is that it has a very natural enticing swim and plus a lot of fisherman do not use these swim baits. Swim baits come in two style tails. One the tails style is a natural looking fish tail. This fish tail allows the bait to swim in natural minnow style fashing. The second style swim bait tail is called the boot tail. Instead of a natural tail the tails flat like the bottom of a boot. This boot style tail causes the bait to swim with extra movement. Use thr natural swim bait tail early in the spring or later in the fall when the water temps are colder and the fish are not as active. Use the boot style swim baits when in the summer when the water temperatures are warmer and the fish more active. When fishing a swim bait a slow steady retrieve is best. Try adding some swimbaits to  your arsenal of fishing methods. Swim baits are a good choice for bass or walleye.

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How to catch fish particulary crappies in the spring from shore. For many years I fished from shore , not owning a boat at the time. In how to catch crappies in the spring from shore first item of business is to find a good lake that has good numbers of crappies. A bait shop is usually a good source


for the shore fisherman to find a good lake and spots to fish. Alright you now have a spot or several spots to start fishing. Here in Minnesota (land of 10,000 lakes) there are many spots to fish from shore. Channels betweem lakes are great spots to fish. Lake Minnetonka a prime example. What to use when to go to fish crappies to have the best chance for success. The 1/32 oz or 1/64 oz jig. Tip the jig with a minnow or one of the super baits such as gulp alive or Berkley power baits. Again use a bobber and fish at a depth of 2 to 3 feet. Crappies like to feed up, so it is better to set your bait shallower rather then deeper. From shore try to taget cover which could be down trees , stumps, reeds, edges of weeds docks etc. You can increase your odds by fishing later or earlier in the day. Especially in the spring the last hour of day is usually the best time to shorefish and catch crappies. How to catch crappie for the shore fisherman remain mobile. If one spot does not pan out shift to a different lake or shift to a different spot on the lake. Here is a tip, use hip waders to help you get away from the crowd. Another tool the shore fisherman can use is a fly rod to catch crappies others will not catch on a jig and minnow. See under fly fishing methods how to use a flyrod to catch crappies.

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What is better then after a long winter and when the first ice comes off the lake then being outdoors fishing for crappie? Well in my mind nothing. How to catch fish crappies in the sping. What are the basics? First is fish location. After first ice the crappies will go into the shallows to feed.


Look for shallow bays with a marshy shoreline.These bays particulary pn the north side of the lake will warm first.  Fish the warmer days when temps in my country (Minnesota)reach into th 70’s as oppose to 40-50 for highs.  Simply the fish will be more active on these warmer days. What to use. I would recommend a small jig 1/32 or 1/64 oz jig (i prefer green or yellow). Put a minnow or a 1″ gulp alive minnow bait. Put a bobber about 2-3 feet above the jig. From a boat cast into the shallows . I like a slow pause and stop retrieve. Keep moving until you find active fish. If the shallows are not producing. Move out and try depths from 6-12 feet. Using your depth finder I like drifting with the wind. Set your bait deeper. Use the same boober and jig. In 6-7 feet of water. Set your depth to about 4 feet. When fishing 9-12 feet Seet your boober depth to about 7-8 feet. Another tip on how to catch crappie in the spring is to watch your depth finder. Watch for pods a of fish. Look for christams tree type formations (which are crappies). When you find one . Throw out a marker bouy. Then fish the spot. I cannot emphisize enough the markering with marker bouy. The marker bouy will allow you to have a point of reference when you catch a fish. You go keep fishing that same specific area. Try above method to help you catch more fish.


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Fly fishing for panfish is perfect for the beginning fly fisherman. Perfect because panfish are found in abundant numbers most everywhere in the lower 48. You can find panfish usually not far from home in ponds lakes or even in your city park. No boat is usually necessary but can be of help. The sunfish usually an eager biter during the summer period. The sunfish is a good practice fish for the beginner fly fisherman that will go for trout later.  When panfish bite they will take almost any fly presentation has been my experience. In the spring period using a wet fly (a sinking fly) was may times for me the ticket for taking sunfish and crappies when the standard jig would not produce. Where to go if you are a shore fisherman. Look to the parks in your area that have lakes. The use of hip waders can give you the edge where shoreline is brushy and hard to navigate. What to fish for panfish? Look for lily pads, weeds, fishing the edges of this cover and the open spots. Fish any type of cover which can include fallen trees , docks, pontoon boats. Do not stay in any one spot to long if you do not get any strikes. Keep moving to find the active fish. What to use for bait? I prefer a wet or sinKing fly. The rabbit hare nymph is my favorite. When fishing the wet fly after you cast it out let it sink and retrieve it in slowly. Watch the leader for any movement or if the line stops set the hook. Many times you get a lot of light biters. What to use for a floating lure? My prefernce is for a lure called a popper which is a cork head and a hook with feathers. The popper is very exciting way to fish for panfish. During the summer period when the weather has been stable is your best fishing for panfish on surface lures. Also calm conditions with no wind is ideal causing the surface of the lake or pond you are fishing to be flat. Use your flyrod to help you catch more fish.


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A great bait for catching more bass. Is to use a weedless frog. One of the more popular weedless frogs is called the scumfrog. Types of cover to fish

are lilypads, downed trees, flooating masts of weeds, docks. called fishing the slop. This kind of fishing requires heavier tackle . Use 30 pound test line. Casting learn how to throw a bait casting sidearm to skip the from into spots such as under docks. Start with your rod overhead then sweep it down sideways to cast. Your weedless frog should be worked slow or no faster the moderate. One tip that will help you catch more bass is to wait until you no longer see the bait hooks before setting the hook. If a fish hits your lure but you still see the lure do not set the hook. Leave it there where it is . Twitch the lure a couple times and see if the bass will take a more direct hit on the frog. Many fisherman will try to set the hooks on any type of strike. They are making a mistake. This will help you catch more fish.

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Carolina Rig For Bass / How to Catch Bass

One of the great old time favorite rigs for bass is the carolina rig. Simply it is a rig for plastic worms that when done correctly is practically weedless.

This method has been around for many years. What does the caloinia rif consist of? The components are 1/2 oz egg sinker that has a hole in the middle where the line goes through. The sinker slips up and down the line. The next component is a plastic bead that has a hole in the middle. The line goes through this hole and stops and the next component a barrel swivel. You use typically a number 4 or 5 light wire hook. To rig tie the barrel swivel about 18 inches from the hook. The bead goes on the line below the sinker. TO rig a plastic worm. Thread the worm through the hook and insert the hook back into the worm about half way thru. Bring the the hook through the back of the worm and thread the tip so it is in the plastic parrellel tp the back of the worm. Use the Carolina rig to help you catch more fish.

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How to Fly Fish a Nymph.

My favorite way to fly fish for trout is with a nymph. A nymph is a fly that sinks. The early spring and summer nymphs are generally more effective then top water flies. Trout will lie on the bottom of the stream. Feeding trout on nymphs will rise off the bottom and feed on nymphs and insects.

There are two ways to fish a nymph : 1) without a strike indicator . 2) With a strike indicator (which is a small cork type bobber). When fishing without a strike indicator keep your casts short and the floating flyline out of the water when possible. Watch your line for any hesitation then set the hook. Using a strike indicator makes it easier for the fisherman to spot strikes. Any hesitaion in the bobber means you have a fish. Turn over rocks to get an idea of specifcally what the trout are feeding on. A rabbit hare nymph is good generic nymph to fish (I have found). Try this fly fishing method to help you catch more fish.

(Left picture of a stone hedge  nymph)

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