Choosing Basic Fly Fishing Equipment

The rod comes in different weights 1 weight to 15 weight.  The smaller the number the lighter the rod. Example number 1 rod would be for the smallest flies. A #15 rod would be for very large fish such as tarpon. For trout a good all around rod would be a 6-7 weight. Rod come in section from a 2 sections to 3-4 sections. A good rod length choice is 8-9 ft. You need the length for casting.

Choosing a good Fly Fishing reel

Now you can by packages that have rod reel and line together.  A good choice for beginners. When buying a reel. Buy a reel that has backing line. Your fly line will attach to the backing. Backing line is usually in nylon or braided. Most rods are made with graphite. Graphite is known for its sensitivity and lightness.

Choosing fly fishing line

Fly line ranges in cost from $20 to $60. I would choose the more expensive line. There is great difference in performance between the cheaper and more expensive line.. Your forward weighted line is the best. On the line box you will see something like this WF4F. Weighted Forward #4 line F for Floating

Choosing a Leader

Choose a tapered leader. The thicker end attaches to the line. Leaders com in lengths of 3′, 4′, 12′, 14′. There is a number such as 6X down to 2X.  The smaller the number the thicker the line. A 6x line is much smaller then a 2x line. A 6x leader will be used for small flies. A 2x will be used for larger flies.

When fly fishing for trout pan fish etc. Turn over a few rocks under water. See what insects , nymphs lie underneath. Match your fly selection to what you see. This is called matching the hatch. When fishing trout approach from downstream using cover to  neal when no cover.

Flys —-

There are two types of flys: 1) A wet fly floating fly, streamer. 2) A dry fly whish floats on the surface (includes popper).

1) A wet fly that sinks and you fish below the surface. A rabbit hare nymph is an excellent all around choice. When fishing wet flys watch your line for any movement ever so slight. Set the hook you likely have a fish on.

2) A dry fly is a fly that floats on the surface A popper also floats on the surface. A popper is a lure with a little cork head and feathers. A great choice for surface feeding pan fish . Larger sizes are made for Bass.

How To cast using Fly Fishing equipment

Fly fishing equipment is needed to cast and fish flies that are so light if you threw them they probably would not go 10 ft. The weight of the line is what enables you to cast and fish such a light fly.


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