What is the most popular game fish in the United States. The Largemouth bass may be it. Certainly the fisherman that mainly pursue largemouth bass are very enthusiastic. The fight of the largemouth bass is certainly one of the reasons. How can you beat a quite serene early morning on the lake, no wind and smooth lake surface. Perfect for throwing a top water bait such as the weedless frog , a mouse, or a jitterbug.

How does one pursue the largemouth bass. First what calendar period are we speaking.  Lets start with summer period. Early in the morning you will find the shallow water weedfish or fish that live in the slop active. A favorite methods will be to have two rods rigged. One with a silver or gold Johnson weedless spoon, and one rod rigged with a weedless scum frog. Use the Johnson weedless spoon as a locator in the thick weeds. Many fish will strike (or swirl)at the lure without being hooked. Keep in mind you are fishing the weeds and open spots in them. O nce locating the fish. You throw the weedless scum frog to the same spot. One thing when fishing top water baits such as the weedless frog is that you will probably experience many fish missing your bait or not getting hooked. Do not feel fustrated, It is par to miss over 50% of fish strikes when using top water baits.

A weedless spoon pictured below is a great search bait for bass in the weeds.


The hottest bait this year has to go to the  wackyworm . The 5 inch senko or the 5 inch gulp alive swimming minnow are examples of the wackyworm. To rig the wackyworm use the #4 circle hook and hook the wackyworm in the middle.  Fishing the wackyworm. In the summer the deep weedline is the place. Use your fish locator to mark the edge of the weeds. In my part of the country that is 10-12 feet. Throw out a couple marker bouys about 30 or 40 yards apart. You then throw out the wackyworm counting down ( 1 ft per second). Let it sink 6-8 seconds and slowly twitch 3 or 4 times. Let the bait drop a couple seconds. Then repeat the process , reeling in your bait. It does take patience when fishing the wackyworm. But it is a deadly technique. Another tip is you may want to put a split shot a couple feet in front of the wackyworm.

Another very deadly lure and my favorite is the beetle spin lure (in 1/4 to 1/8 oz. white color). The beetle spin is a jig with a plastic tail and a hooked wire with a spinner on the front. White or red colrs are excellent choices. In the summer work the deep weedline. Or fish the open spots in the weeds even if you have to skim the beetle spin on the surface to avoid the weeds.

Picture below the beattle spin (a great bass lure ).


For early spring when the bass are in shallows From your boat cast a beetle spin into shallow water near shore , bringing it back in a steady retrieve.






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