One of the great old time favorite rigs for bass is the carolina rig. Simply it is a rig for plastic worms that when done correctly is practically weedless.

This method has been around for many years. What does the caloinia rif consist of? The components are 1/2 oz egg sinker that has a hole in the middle where the line goes through. The sinker slips up and down the line. The next component is a plastic bead that has a hole in the middle. The line goes through this hole and stops and the next component a barrel swivel. You use typically a number 4 or 5 light wire hook. To rig tie the barrel swivel about 18 inches from the hook. The bead goes on the line below the sinker. TO rig a plastic worm. Thread the worm through the hook and insert the hook back into the worm about half way thru. Bring the the hook through the back of the worm and thread the tip so it is in the plastic parrellel tp the back of the worm. Use the Carolina rig to help you catch more fish.

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