Grilling fish is a great way to cook fish.

Fresh fish is always best.  Fish should not be fishy smelling. Try to cook the fish the same day you buy it. Pre heat the grill. Brush the cooking grate with oil so the fish will not stick. Firm fish is best to cook such as salmon or halibut. Wash the fish fillet.  Pat the fillet dry with a towel. Then brush with oil. Season the fish (salt and pepper). I like lemon pepper seasoning. Place skin side down on the grill. Cook salmon 3-4 minutes per side. When the fish flakes it is done. Softer fish such as Talapia requires a container such as tine foil. For fish kabobs use firm fish such as halibut. Cube the fish place on Kabob with vegetables. Brush with oil and marinate if you wish.

Good Eatin!

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