Fish Recipes

A wonderful under-utilized grilling technique for fish is using a soaked cedar plank. On the grill it will give your fish a wonderful smoky cedar flavor. To start with get some cedar planks .  A BBQ store sells them in bundles. If buying your cedar planks from a lumber store make sure they are untreated lumber. Soak the cedar plank in water overnight.

Let’s use a salmon filet for an example. I like the wild caught pacific salmon because you get the good omega 3 oil. You can use your choice of fish.

1) Lightly oil the cedar plank.

2) Lightly oil the fish on both sides.

3) Sprinkle lemon pepper on both sides of the fish. But you can use whatever seasoning you like (ex bbq sauce etc).

4) Set the fish filet skin side down on the cedar plank.

5) Heat the grill to medium. Put plank/fish on the grill close the cover.

6) Keep a spray bottle of water handy. The plank may catch on file. Use to put out.

7) Note the wonderful smoky flavor coming out of your grill.

8) Cook until done. Approximately 10-20 minutes. Usually when the fish starts to flake. Use a meat thermometer to be accurate. 9) Take the fish out of the grill and let stand 10-20 minutes letting the fish cook. 10) Discard the plank. Do not use over again.

Serve and enjoy some great eating fish!



More info on cooking fish see  how to cook fish.

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