Fish recipes

Here is an great easy fish recipe for southern cajun catfish. Ingredients are Oil (olive oil), salt and pepper, cajun pepper, garlic salt, onion powder.

1) Wash and pat dry your catfish filets on a paper towel

2) Lightly rub the filets with olive oil.

3) Sprinkle lightly with cajun pepper.

4) Sprinkle lightly with garlic salt.

5) Sprinkle lightly with onion powder.

6) Put oil in pan to medium heat.

7) Place filets in a the pan. Heat 2-3 minutes per side (should be blackened).

Put filets on a paper towel. Let stand for a few minutes to finish cooking. There you have it a great very simple southern cajun catfish recipe. No need for a pantry full of expensive herbs and seasonings for this recipe. Good Eatin!


See  link  how to cook fish for more info on cooking fish.

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