How to fly fish the grasshopper pattern. Late summer dry hot weather brings out the grasshopper hatches. At times it is hard not to notice them. Grasshoppers can come out in droves. August and September are prime time for grasshoppers although grasshoppers can be found throughout the summer. Trout feed on grasshoppers all summer.

The grasshopper when hitting the water makes a loud splash. Windy and dry weather will be what trout fisherman hope for. Wind will start the trout feeding when the grasshoppers hit th water. Typical good grasshoppers spots are are streams with grassy fields in farmland. Grasshopper patterns can be fished on the surface and grasshoppers can be fished below the surface. Fishing grasshoppers work best later in the day as the day warms. For floating grasshoppers you can use the foam body grasshoppers imitation.

In late summer and early September when the water is typically clear use a longer leader 8-10 feet. Particular patterns to buy would include thr Letort Hopper , foam park hopper, plain hopper, or the  whitlock hopper . When casting the hopper imitation try to make a load splash. The trout listen for this sound and many times it will act like ringing a dinner bell. Then give the grasshopper twitches and hops. When a trout takes a hopper it can be a very aggressive strike, you should set the hook immediately. Other times trout will barely tap or gently inhale the grasshopper. In the case when trout bite lightly give the trout a couple seconds then set the hook. This will result in many more hooked fish.

Remember grasshoppers are a very lively insect and if you have ever observed them on the water they kick often and hard.  Cast near the bank of the trout stream. Grassy banks in particular. If you do not have grassy banks simply fish the pools and runs where the trout are located. For grasshopper color use white, yellow, and orange. Bright colors seem to work best because grasshoppers have a light or green under belly. Fishing grasshoppers is an exiciting time for trout fisherman. Not only can this time of year result in the fastest top water action of the year but you can catch some of the biggest trout of the year. Try fly fishing with grasshoppers in the late summer if you have not done so.

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