We are going to cover the basic equipment and choices the angler has for fly fishing steelhead. There are three rod types :

There are three rod types :

1) Spay Rod in 12.5 feet length in 6 weight.  This rod type is used for a method called swinging flys and spay casting.

2) Single handler (recommended for beginners) is one of the most popular choices. It is used for swinging flys and nymphing. Sometimes a strike indicator is used.

3) A switch rod which is kind of a hybrid between a spay rod and a single handler. This rod type you can overhead cast or spay cast.

Reels recommendation is a one to be able to handle a 7 weight line. Use 7 weight line.

Nymphing for beginners is a good way to start. A stone fly nymph is a good basic pattern to use. Many steelhead are caught all summer long on this pattern.

Leader use a 16 inch . For a leader use a 6-7 feet 0x (15 pound test). Connect this to the butt section which is about 18 inches of 30 pound monofilament line. Connect the butt section to the fly line.

You put enough split shot above your 16 inch leader to get to the bottom depending on your current flow. To your butt material you can use a strike indicator (kind of like a bobber). The strike indicator can be very useful to help detect strikes especially in fast water.

For a beginner fly fisherman the Single Handler rod type is recommended.



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