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Much overlooked is winter stream trout fishing . Many states have a winter fishing season for stream trout. You can catch trout in the winter. A few tips when fishing stream trout in the winter, Fish the warm days, Say the weather pattern has been 10-19 degrees for highs and then warms to mid 30’s for highs. You want to fish the  warm days mid 30’s and fish the the mid day hours when the temps are the warmest. The warmest time of the day are when the fish are the most active. Avoid the days of frigid or inclement weather when there is snow or rain/sleet.

The nymph pattern are best choices. The rabbit hare and pheasant tail nymph would be at the top of the list. The fish will be lying on the bottom. To get  to the bottom you will need a split shit bb about 4-5 feet in front of your nymph. States that allow multiple flys will allow you to tie 2 – 3 flies on your line. Some fly fisherman like to put a lead fly right where the tippit ties to the floating fly line.

You want to fish your nymphs slow thru the pool . Use 5-6 casts then take a 2-3 steps forward and repeat 4-5 casts . This way you are very thoroughly working the entire pool. You are using repeated drifts giving the trout opportunities to take your bait. Trout (like all fish) during the winter period are lethargic. Equipment would include a 7 foot fly rod with floating line works fine and a 6-7 foot keader.

You want to scout your stream and look for holding areas. Trout during the winter will hold in your deeper pools in eddys. Take a series of days on a stretch of stream and you will note winter holding areas the trout will be in.  Alternate fishing different pools on different days. This will help you learn the stream areas for winter fishing and not over fishing one pool. I try to limit winter fishing time to a 2-3 hour stretch. Handle the trout you catch with care. Put back in the water immediately and try if you can to keep the fish in the water while removing the hook. Try winter fly fishing. You might like it.

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