Many shore fishermen find themselves very limited to public areas to fish. Many of these areas here in Minnesota (and elsewhere) are crowded.  One answer to those shore fishermen that cannot afford a boat would be a float tube which cost  about $100.  A float tube  is not an inner tube but as a very special designed tube that holds air, has a built in seat, and rod holder, drink holder and pockets for gear to be stored in. 

The float tube is a fun way for a fisherman to fish hard to get places. A fishermen  (wearing a life preserver ) sits in the seat and propels the float tube with swim fins. With a float tube you will be able to access lakes , ponds, and rivers that do not have a boat ramp.  Areas that are too shallow for a boat to go in will also work great for a float tube. Many experienced anglers that own a boat are getting on the fun of float tube fishing.  A motorized float tube is even availble!!!







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