The woolly bugger fly is an all time favorite among many  fly fisherman. This fly is at the very top of the list of many experienced fly fisherman. So if you have not tried the woolly bugger on trout or other fish. Why not give it a try. What makes the woolly bugger a fantastic fly to fish is that it looks very edible and lively in the water. Some say it mimics a leech. Others say it looks like a small minnow or a small swimming bug. I guess it would matter where you are fishing as to what the woolly bugger would look like to a feeding trout or fish.

Retrieval methods for the woolly bugger:

1)      Strip the line retrieve the woolly bugger at a slow or fast rate depending upon what the retrieve the fish prefer the day you are fishing

2)      Jiggle the rod tip while retrieving or called painting with your rod tip. This gives the lure action.

3)      Jerk the rod tip when you are retrieving the line.

4)      Keep the rod tip high and bring the woolly bugger along the surface of the water. For surface feeding fish.

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