A thingamabobber is a very specialized bobber for steelhead fly fishing. It looks similar to a balloon about the size of a ping pong ball. The thingamabobber is a great invention for steelhead fly fishing.  It has very little weight and will show the fisherman even the lightest strike. To rig the thingamabob you put a loop in the line at the correct depth you want to fish. You put the line loop thru the eye of the thingamabob and around your thingamabobber. Then pull the line tight.  Another method is to just clinch knot your Tippett to the line above the thingamabob . Tie on a 3x tippet with a length at the depth you want to fish. You can also tie a double fly on the line with this type of rig. Make sure double flys are legal in the state you are fishing.

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