One of the best eating fish is the northern pike. But you need to remove the Y bones.

If you do not remove those Y bones eating northern can be very hazerdous. To find  the Y bones in a northern pike. Place the northern filet skin down. You will see a row of bones running down the middle of the fish.

These bones run down to the skin and Y out along the skin going to the top of the filet (opposite of the belly). Picture it. You are going to cut down the row of bones on the top end of the fish . Filet down to the curve in the bones put not thru them.

You will feel the knife tick the bones . At that point filet the piece of meet out of the top end of the fish , but not totally off the filet. On the belly side of the row of bones running down the middle of the fish cut straight down. Then cut underneath the Y bones slightly. Now all you need to do is to pul the piece of meat with the Y bones out of the filet. You are left with a boneless filet of northern. Good eaten! For cooking fish look under page how to cook fish for recipes.

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