How to Cook Fish

Cooking fish need not be complicated. There are certainly enough great recipes to fill volumes of books. What better centerpiece meal can you have for your protein than fish. Healthy and great tasting! Methods to cook fish include 1) Grilling 2) Oven baking 3) Boiling 4) Frying. Below are  some simple and easy ways to cook your fish. You do not need a whole pantry of expensive herbs and spices for these recipes.

How to Bake Fish

1) Baking fish is my favorite way to prepare fish. It is low calorie and tastes great. Lets start with how to bake fish walleye pike , pan fish, northern , or any other white fish flesh fish. My personnel favorite breading is called Shore Lunch for oven baking (found in a box in the grocery store). Pre heat your oven to 400 degrees. Use a glass dish and spray lightly with cooking spray. Filet your fish and skin your fish. Wash your fish in water then put on a dry paper towel and pat dry. For dipping your fish filets before you bread it I use a product in your grocers refrigerator case is called egg beaters (which are egg whites). For this baking method you can use several whole eggs , just the egg whites, or milk.

The next step is to dip your fish filet into the egg beaters using a fork put it in your breading and push the fish down into the breading to get more of the breading to adhere to the filet. Then put the filet into the glass dish. With the oven pre-heated to 400 degrees put your glass dish in with fish and cook for 30 minutes. At the 15 minute mark take a spatula and turn over your fish. At 30 minutes remove the glass dish and you have some great tasting fish. Extremely good!

Use some lemon or tarter sauce for your fish or eat it the way it comes out of the oven. For walleye size filets I like to double coat my fish for an extra thick breading coat. That is dip in egg beaters twice and bread twice. For pan fish size filets I single dip. For oven baking other white fish fleshed fish instead of using a breading such as Shore lunch you can use corn flake crumbs, flour, corn meal breading, or other types of boxed breading. Oven baking fish my personnel favorite way to cook fish.

A tip when you have left over fish from baking that you are storing in the refrigerator and want to reheat it for another meal. Do not use the micro wave which results in soggy heated filets. Instead of the micro wave use the oven . Put the filets back into a glass dish in the oven. I do not pre-hreat the oven . Set the oven at 400 degrees and cook about 15 to 20 minutes, until warm. This oven reheating leaves the filet with a crispy crunchy outer layer. Try this baking method. I think it tastes better then your frying your fish.


Left the ingredients for oven baked fish








Coat your fish in egg beaters then Shore Lunch Oven Style







Left is the finished product walleye. Oven style with a crispy and crunchy delicious coding! Do not to forget to add a few drops of lemon.







Oven baking Salmon steaks or filets. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. I like to filet the skin off the salmon filets (because it is high in calories and has a fishy taste). I like to lightly oil the filet or salmon steaks before seasoning. I set the salmon filet or the salmon steak onto a slightly raised rack sitting in my glass pan. This keeps the salmon out off the fat that drips off it.

For seasoning it is hard to beat lemon pepper seasoning. I put a good amount onto my salmon. Cook your salmon at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. I use a spatula and flip it over at the 15 minute mark. Serve your salmon with some lemon and it is a fabulous meal! You can use other seasoning too such as cajun flavoring in place of lemon pepper. It is not really complicated to oven bake salmon.

How To Grill Fish

2) Grilling fish is certainly an excellent way to cook fish. Lets start with cooking halibut (as an example). Prepare the grill. It should be cleaned and washed. Then prep the grill with an oil so your fish will not stick. Pre hat the grill to medium high heat. Brush the halibut filet with oil on both sides , sprinkle with salt and pepper. As an option you can put a little garlic butter on top Set your Halibut filet on the grill. It should sizzle is the sound you want to hear when putting the fish on the grill. Flip over the fish and cook the other side when half way done and turn at a 45 degree angle to give your filet the diamond grill marks.

Grilling whole fish . A small trout . Sprinkle salt and pepper (or lemon pepper) inside the trout cavity, put slice lemon pieces into the fish cavity. Lightly oil the outside of the trout , then sprinkle with salt and pepper or lemon pepper. For ease use a grilling basket. Spray with cooking spray. Put on grill. Cook about 6 to 8 mn per side. You do not need the grilling basket but it does make it easier. When done you have an excellent grilled trout. Serve with lemon and a vegetable side dish. A meal for a king.

3) Boiling or Poaching fish (lobster tasting fish). Here is a great quick alternative method for cooking fish that is different. Bring the water to a very low boil. Put a fish filet into the boiling water. Add the optional ingredients to suite your taste: Onion, chopped carrots , celery, tyme, basil, peppercorn , salt pepper. Leave your skin on the fish and keep the water at a very low boil.

The skin on the fish will keep it from falling apart. After cooking 8 minutes test your fish should be firm with a give into it. Cook longer the thicker the filet is. Serve your poached fish on a plate with the cooked carrots , celery or serve plain. You can dip your fish into melted butter for a tasty lobster like taste. I use a product called ‘ I cannot believe its butter’. It is found in your grocery refrigerated case . Instead of dipped butter you can use the healthier I cannot believe its butter. ‘ I cannot believe its butter’ is a good product I like instead of butter.

How to Fry Fish

4) Frying Fish Easy Recipe / Fish Recipe. While there are many  great fried fish recipes here is an easy basic one.

Here is an easy fish recipe taking frying fish to as about as simple as it gets. Ingredients are Oil (olive oil), salt and pepper, lemon, sauce (butter optional).

1) step 1 take a fish filet and salt and pepper both sides. An option you can season to meet your tastes (like peparika or a little cajun seasoning). 2) Put oil in the bottom of a pan (at least enough to cover the pan) Heat to medium heat.

3) Place the seasoned filet into the pre-heated pan. 4) Cook approximately 3 mn per side (for filets less then an inch thick).

Look at the side of the fish turning to a white and firming up. This is a sign your fish is getting done. Also the sides of the filet will turn a nice golden brown. You can as an option ad some sauce such as butter or other sauce to the frying fish.

Serve with lemon or some other  tarter sauce. Great eating.

Fried Fish Recipe number 2 . Hard To Beat Original Shore Lunch Fried Fish.

















1) Take a box of original shore lunch .

2) Take washed filets and dried on paper towel. Dip the filets in egg beaters then shore luch.

3) Pour oil into frying pan and heat to medium heat.

4) Place the coated fish filets into the frying pan.

5) Cook about 3-4 minutes per side.

6) Take filets out of the frying pan place on paper towel. Let sit for 10 minutes (the fish will continue to cook).

Good eating!