In Walleye filets of a medium to large walleye you still are going to find some small bones. You can remove those bones easily. To find the bones take the filet and lay it on a surface skin side down. Feel the filet where the thickest part of the filet meets the thinner belly flesh. You will feel little pin like bones sticking straight up.


To the left I point to the bones in the walleye filet.






Take your finger and rub back and forth on the flesh in the area I described and you should be able to feel the small bones (they fell like small pins ). Those bones run the length of the filet and are in a straight thin line row. Take your knife and cut straight down along these bones running the length of the filet on both sides. You will then have two pieces of filet. Pulling out a very thin strip of meat and bones about an 1/8 inch thick. I will try to post some pictures.



Left. Cut straight down on the top end of the walleye along the bones.






Left. Cut straight down on the belly side of the bones. You have a thin strip of meet containing the bones







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