One of the great lures for bass is the tube jig. It is condsidered a bread and butter method , a must have , a must use for your die hard bass fisherman.
A great lure for the beginner or novice fisherman to ad add t their how to catch bass methods. The tube jig is simple to use and versatile. The tube jig works great for any kind of bass (largemouth , spotted, and smallmouth). A tube jig comes in different lead jig heads and comes in different sizes and colored bodies. Picture a tube jig body is hollow inside and the very end of the jig is cut in streamers.

The head of the plastic body is round and has no opening. To rig a lead jig head to a tube body you insert the jig head into the bottom of the plastic bottom and slide the lead head up to the top of the tube. When at the top push the eye of the hook shank out of the plastic. Yes the head of the jig is covered with the plastic and the eye of the hook popped out of the plastic keeps the jig head from sliding down the hook shank.

When rigged as described the tube jig is entirely soft. So when a fish bites down on it it tends to hold onto it longer and is more likely to be hooked. The tube jig in many situations will imitate a crawfish swimming along the bottom. Picture the tube jig being dragged along the bottom rusting up the bottom with its stringy plastic ends girating giving it plenty of lively action. In other situations the tube jig in white color will resemble a shad. A very popular presentation.

For a jig head you can buy tube jig heads at a bait shop. Three styles:

1) with the hook eye being in the center of the jig head on the top of the jig head, This jig head is designed for fishing on harder bottoms. You can drag the jig casting or fishing this design of jig vertically.

2) The hook eye being located at the front of the lead head. This is used for fishing thru weeds, you are less likely to entangle weeds on the eye and head.

3) You can also rig the tube texas style on a worm hook with out weight. You will have a separate weight you can slide down the line and peg to the hook with a tooth pick if you wish. See the post how to rig a texas style worm (the same principal applies for rigging a tube jig). Colors for tube jig bodies would be crawfish orange, brown, black, white, watermelon If you have not tried a to tube jig for bass, give it a try. It is a fish catcher.

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