How to fly fish. Matching the match. Turning over rocks in a stream you want to fish sand seeing what insect life is present is the start to match the

hatch. Most fisherment do not go far enough into the stream and they do not realize that most insect life when subject to the current come off the rock before it is sighted by the angler. Also many fly fisherman do not realize that different parts of the stream harbor different insect life. So what you really need to do is to go into the stream upstream where you are going to fish. Say your are fishing a pool and there are your typcal riffles upstream from that pool. Before you go into mid stream in these riffles and dislodge some rock. You need a piece of equipment called a kick net. A net with small mesh netting. Your going to place this kick net downstream where you are going to dislodge the rocks. Once the kick net is in place start dislodging rocks. Observe what is on the rocks and take a few back to shore along with your net contents. Put the net contents into a white tub. This will make viewing the screen contents easier. Once viewed you will match to a selected fly you will fish. We will cover how to select a fly to fish in another upcoming post.

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