How to catch fish with the Rapala Clackin Rap , a crankbait that does not have a lip. An overlooked method when it comes to walleye and bass. The Clackin Rap is a new bait just a few years old. It has no lip, it is large, heavy,  and sinks. What is really unique about the Clackin Rap is it has large rattle chamber with one big BB. The Clackin rap is very loud and gives off big vibrations the fish can hear from a long distance away. Fishing the Clackin Rap rap you simply cast it (and it casts a mile because of its weight) you let sink to the bottom . If fishing walleye in a hard bottom environement simply give a steady  retrieve. If fishing over weeds retrieve with rod tip high and let the lure work right above the weeds for bass and walleye. Try the Clackin Rap on weed edges , rock piles , sand bars etc. This is a presentation most walleye lakes have not seen. This gives you an edge. You can even troll  the Clackin Rap or vertically jig the Clackin Rap for walleyes in deep water. If you are already using a crankbait such as the great rapala shad rap on your walleye lake. Try the Clackin Rap which will give off far more vibration and rattle many times triggering strikes that other baits would not. When cranking the Clackin Rap thru weed edges and you feel a weed jerk the Clackin Rap free of the weeds and let the lure flutter down before retrieving. Many times this ripping action will trigger a strike.  There is no wrong you can fish the Clackin Rap. Try the Clackin Rap for walleye or bass. One draw back is yes the Clackin Rap is slightly more expenseive then your standard crankbait but not all that much more money.

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