A forgotten and a neglected method for catching trout in streams is using a streamer. Most trout fishermen like to use a dry fly , nymph, worm, or a spinner. Why the streamer is not more popular is hard to say, but it certainly is a very effective way to take trout and particular the very biggest trout in the system. A streamer is a bigger type of fly that sinks slowly and imitates a minnow instead of an insect. You fish streamer in your deep holes of the stream. These deep holes harbor the niche where the biggest trout in the stream live. These bigger trout prefer to feed on minnows (even their own kind trout minnows)instead of the smaller insects. This higher protien diet gives the fish greater size. How to fly fish a streamer. To fish a streamer start in your deeper holes and at the downstream end and work your way upstream to the head of the pool. Keep a low profile to avoid spooking the fish. Fancast the streamer , count down to different depths. In working the streamer , keep the streamer moving , use twitches to mimic a wounded minnow, do not slow down  but keep the streamer moving. Do not keep any slack in your line. It is importatant to work different depths , right to the bottom. For a leader use 6 pound line. We are not going to mess around when one of these bigger trout take the streamer. Play the fish use the bend of the rod to let the fish tire. Once you net the fish release as quick as possible. One thing thats exciting when fishing streamers is the fish seams to come out of no where when it it takes the streamer. The streamer fishing is an exstreamly exciting way to fly fish. You know when you get a fish it is likely to be one of the bigger fish in the stream. Again the streamer is not used by most trout fisherman. This gives you the edge at presenting a bait that the fish have not seen. Next tine try the streamer . It will help you catch more fish.

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