How to tie flies. You need the following to tie a Stonefly nymph for steelhead fly fishing:

Size 10-1530 hook

UTC 40 black thread, lead fly tying wire, Chenille , black dubbing, black pheasant tail , black hackle, Rubber legs for fly tying.

0)Take the hook place in the vise.

1)) Take lead fly tying wire and wind around the shank of the hook. Trim the wire ends when done. 

2) Then wind thread over the lead wire with your bobbin.

 3) Then add the tail and continue to wind the thread over the tail holding it onto the hook.

 4) Tie in the chenille at the backend of the shank of the hook leaving a tail.

5) Now tie on 3 sets of legs towards the front of the shank. Overlay the ends of the legs with the thread.

6) Now Tie on a pair of antenna that stick straight out in front of the eye of the hook.

7) Next wrap the chenille forward through the legs being careful to let the legs and antenna be in their natural place.

8) Next whip finish tying thread ends

9) Slightly trim the legs

10) Color the fly with a permanent black marker.

11) Next finish the fly with super glue putting it down the length of the shank and especially near the eye of the hook where you have tied and whip finished the thread.

You are through creating a life like stonefly.

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