In beginner fly tying there are basic things you will need to do when ever you tie a fly. 1) You need to attach the thread

to the shank of the hook. 2) You will need to attach material to the shank of the hook (such as a feather).

3) You need to finish the knot of your thread or whip fisnish it. You will start all your flys by putting the hook in the vise. You will use your bobbin to start wrapping the material onto the hook first. Over this thread on the shank of the hook you will put material (such as a pheasant feather) and continue to wrap over the quill of the feather to secure the feather to the hook.

You will then use a whip tool to finish the knot. I will not attempt to explain but you can watch the video. It is a little complex to explain but not really that difficult to do. Once you have finished the whip you can put nail polish on it for the permanent finishing touch. These are basic instructions on what you will do to tie a typical fly.

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