How to catch bass

The tube jig. Lets discuss the next step and how to fish the tube jig. A very versatile jig. You can see because the entire lead head is covered by the plastic body that a fish is more likely to hold onto it as opposed to your standard jig head. Another good tip is to use a fish attractant. Squirt it up into the tube. There is also fish attractant you can rub on the plastic body. I like the gulp alive product and I have has excellent with it.

Tie the tube jig directly to the line. Use as small of lead head as you can given the conditions you are fishing. Jig sizes 1/8 to 3/4 oz. In calm conditions and water less then 10ft use a 1/8 oz jig. For deeper water you may want to go 1/2 to 1 oz if you are fishing say a rock ledge at 30 feet. For equipment a 7 foot medium action rod with a high speed baitcaster reel is preferred. Using 20 pound braided line is a tough line to beat.

You can add to the tube jig called tube jig rattles. The rattles will add more sound and is good option to have with you in your tackle box. Types of fishing conditions to use a tube jig would include almost anything the bass fisherman comes across. The first is deep conditions 10 to 50 feet which would include hard bottom rocky steep ledged, a flat sandy point bottom. vertical cliffs. Rig the the correct amount of weight for the conditions you are fishing. That is just enough weight top reach the bottom.

The next condition that most of us in Minnesota come across in the summer months are weeds and the weed edge. You will find alot of fish in the weeds. Rig up a tube jig and cast into those open weed pockets. Let the jig fall and pop the jig. Hold the rod at a 10 oclock to a 7 oclock position. Option two for fishing the weeds is a weedless texas rigged tube jig.

Use a tube jig for fishing the deep weed edge. Rig a heavier jig then when in the shallower conditions whemn fishimg in the weeds. Enough to get to the bottom. Cast the jig , let it fall to the bottom and slowly lift the rod and let the jig fall. Hits will come when the jig is falling. When you feel a weed snap the tube jig free from the weeds. Many hits will come as you snap free.

Pitching and flippin. The tube jig works fantastic when working brush and fallin trees. See video flippin and pitching.

Vertical along cliffs . Typical of souther resevoirs. Verticlly jig a tube jig letting it bounce down the rock cliff. Watch your depth finder to stay exactly on the location.

In the flooded timber. Opt to go with the weedless rigged tube jig. Cast or flip and pitch depending on how much wood you have, The more wood and brush the more you would want to go to the pitch and flippin method.

Your tube jig will also catch walleye , crappie , northern , and muskie. The tube jig is a great multi specie lure.  As an example here in Minnesota you will catch walleye and northern along with bass when fishing a weedline amd deep structure such as a rock pile. The tube jig a great lure!

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