How to fly fish a dry fly. For those that do not know a dry fly is a fly that floats. A dry fly usually is the insect in it is adult form . Our goal when presenting a dry fly is to present a fly as naturally as possible to a trout. Postion yourself below the trout and off to the side, keeping a low profile so


the fish will not see you. It is better to use short casts to avoid spooking the fish as opposed to long casts that may spook the trout. Use short false casts until the fly is ready to be put perfectly in the spot you want it placed , which is not to far in front of the fish. Fly fishing and the fly rod excells in spot on placement of dry flys. You should use an overhead cast . Your rod should travel in a distance approxiamtely 10 oclock behind you and 2 oclock in front of you. Use your wrist letting the rod bend and power the line back and forth as you let out line in your false casts. You pause as the line reaches and extends the full distance behind and in front of you. Stop the rod at 10 and 2 oclock positions, stripping off line to where you have enough to make your final cast. Do not whip the rod. When you finally cast the dry fly it should float at the same speed as the foam on the water. Watch the fly closely for a strike. When the fish strikes the lure wait a few seconds then set the hook. This gives the fish time to swallow the lure so it can be hooked.  How to catch fish with a dry fly is a must for the fly fisherman. Dry fly fishing for trout is very enjoyable.

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