How to catch fish (walleye) using a live bait rig. The live bait rig is a bread and butter system for walleye fisherman. Especially in Minnesota. The live bait rig has 3 components: 1) A hook size #6 in most cases. 2) A barrell swivel. 3) A lead weight from 1/4 oz to 3 oz. You rig a live bait rig by

putting the sliding sinker on your fishing line and tying a barrell swivil to the line. The sinker cannot slide off the line but can go up and down the line. To the opposite end of the barrell swivel tie a leader . A flouro carbon leader in length of 4 to 8 feet. On the end ofd the leader tie your number 6 hook. Equipment for live bait rigging use a medium action 7 Ft rod. Put a minnow or leach on the hook and you are ready to fish. Lets start fishing as an example an edge of a rock pile in a range of 10-17 feet. You let your live bait rig drop to the bottom directly below the boat. Using a spinning reel with the bail open and your finger on the line start backtrolling. You feel the sinker on the bottom lifting the rod tip up and down slightly to make sure the weigth is on the bottom. As you troll say starting at 10 feet to 17 feet you let the line off your finger until you feel the weight hit the bottom. Then put your finger back on the line so no more line goes out. You are fishing nearly vertical to the boat If you feel a slight snag immediately let your finger off the line. Give it 15 to 20 seconds. Keep the rod tip up and start reeling, when you feel the weight of the fish set the hook. The adavantage of the live bait rig are the following : 1) A very natural bait presentation. 2) Precise control fishing nearly veritical below the boat on the structure you see on your depth finder. 3) When you feel a hit you can give the fish line that has no resistance. The live bait rig is especially good for very finicky biters on high pressured waters. Try the live bait rig if you have not already to help you catch more fish.


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