How to catch walleye using the jig. The jig is the most versatile lure. If forced to choose only one lure to fish with the majority of the fisherman would choose a jig. There are so many ways to fish a jig (from trolling to casting to fishing the weeds. For walleyes there are several factors to

consider when fishing a jig to up your odds in being successfull. The walleye is generally found most of the time right near the bottom. Tip one use as light a jig as you can. For instance if it is a calm day you may want to fish a 1/8 oz jig. If it is windy you may want to use a 1/4 oz 3/8 oz or even 1/2 oz jig (if your fishing deep water or river fishing where there is strong current). Your guide is to use the lightest jig to get you to the bottom. Jig color can be very important. Switch colors and let the fish tell you what they prefer. Good basic colors are yellow , green, orange. Tip your jig with a minnow, part of a night crawler , leech, or one of the superbaits such as the gulp alive 4-5 inch shad. Retrieve the jig can be done by slowly crawling the bottom or many like to pump the rod a little then reel in slowly and pump the rod again. You can also try a jig type that has a little spinner in front of the head for more action. For equipment use a medium action graphite rod 6-7 ft with a soft rod tip. For line use 6-8 pound Floro carbon. The floro carbon line will help you feel those soft bites. It will definitely up your odds in catching more walleye. Another advantage of floro carbon is its invisible prpoerties. Try these tips to help you catch more walleye.

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