How to fly fish. To read a trout stream we will break down the stream into three components: 1) Riffles. 2)  Runs 3) Pools. A riffle is your fast shallow water in a trout stream . It is about ankle deep. A riffle can harbor a lot insect life. A riffle is like a feeding belt carrying food at a fast clip to other parts of a

trout stream. The riffle as you go down stream leads into a run. A run is deeper and slower water then a riffle, The run continues to carry food downstream. Going downstream from run you will eventually leads into a pool. A pool is the deepest part of a trout stream and will hold the biggest fish. Alright how do start fishing the riffel, run , pool? With trout fishing always start downstream and work your way upstream. We will start at the very bottom of the pool. When you approach the very end of the pool keep a low profile , even kneeling down so the trout will not see you or your shadow. Fan cast the pool letting your fly or nymph drift downstream. Slowly and stealthly move upstream in the pool until you have fished the pool. You them do the same with the run. Staring at the head of the pool and the end of the run you work the run in the same method you work the pool. Fancast the run and keep moving upstream. When you get to the riffles you do the same. Keep working upstream until the end of the riffle. What to use. Match the hatch . simply turn over the rocks and note the insect life. Also observe in the stream what is hatching. Reading the trout stream will help you learn how to catch more fish.


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