How to catch walleye using the Heddon Sonar.  An excellent deadly lure for walleyes Is called a Heddon Sonar . This lure has been around since the 1960-1970’s and was a very popular lure for fishing rivers. Today the Heddon Sonar is forgotten by many walleye fisherman and kept as a secret bait by other walleye fisherman. For those


not familar with this lure. It gets its name from sonar from the extreme vibration that this lure gives out when fishing it. Picture a flat metal lure shaped like a minnow with The 3 holes in the middle of the back of the lure for line attachment.  The three line tie holes allow adjustment of the lure’s running depth and action. The front hole is for shallow running and high vibration. The rear hole produces deep running and a wide, slower, wobbling action. The center hole is can be used for jigging.  It can be fished verticaly over schools of walleye like an ice fishing jig. Try casting and fishing the sonar like you would a crank bait. Cast the sonar on shallow rock beds or sandbars. Also try casting the sonar parallel to a the deep weed line (like you would a crankbait). The sonar is an excellent muti-specie bait. When you spot a school of walleye that is reluctant to bite using live bait rigs or other methods. Try using a marker bouy then vertically jig the sonar over them. Drop the sonar to the bottom (if the school of walleyes is on the bottom) and lift up with the rod about a  foot. You will feel the strong vobration this lure gives out. Let the lure fall back to the bottom and repeat. Vary how fast you jig the sonar up to match the mood of the walleyes. If the walleye are in a nuetral feeding attitude you will jig the sonar slower then if they were in a positive feeding mood. Do not forget to try the Heddon Sonar for trolling. It has a heavy weight so the Heddon Sonar sinks like a jig, yet when trolled gives off a flutter and a strong vibration. The walleye that are used to seeing live bait rigs and crankbaits have not seen this lure type action.  Try the Heddon Sonar to help you catch more walleye.

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