How to fly fish for bass. Have you ever considered fly fishing for bass? If you haven’t why not give it a try?. Fly fishing for bass is fun! Pure and simple. Why do you ask you should you fly fish for bass other then fun? Well there are several answers. Fly rod fishing for bass is at its best when

fishing the shallows , the junk. Fishing lily pads , stumps, milfoil, docks etc. When accuracy is neeeded the fly rod excels. A good fly fisherman can lay a fly or a popper on the same open spot (say in the weeds) time and time again. Anoter big advantage is on calm days when the surface is flat a fly fisherman can cast a fly out on the water with minimal splash. The fly fisherman will catch fish that would other wise spook when using other equipment (such as using a spin cast with a frog or mouse). What kind of equpment is involved for fly fishing for bass. A 8 1/2 foot rod that is graphite is ideal. Use a 8-9 weight fly line and a 15 pound leader. For reels just grap your normal trout rod & reel sto start. To get a reel that is specialized for bass get one with a disc type drag. For lures. I like poppers large cork or balsa poppers with feathers. Flys that are good for bass are the muddler minnow and the Jansens minnow. How do you fish the poppers and flys. Let the fish mood dictate the retrieve. When the bass are in a negative or nuetral mood use a slow pop and stop . When bass are active use a fast  non predictable retrieve. Try fly fishing for bass it is indeed a blast and will help you catch more fish.

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