How to catch fish with a small crankbait. Try this method . Take the very smallest crankbait such as the 1″ rapala and use it. It is a great multi specie bait. It works through out the year. In my opinion it is at its best on the deep weedline during the summer. These small crankbaits run 3-5 feet

under there surface. It is  a great search bait. You cover a large amount of water quickly. Your just as apt to catch a bass walleye , northern pike or nice panfish. Many times the fish (bass, walleye , crappie) prefer the smaller crank bait as opposed to the larger ones such as a number 5 or 7 which is too large too catch your crappie most of the time. Once you locate some crappie with the small crank bait you might want to through out a marker bouy and work the area with a slower presentation such as a 1/32 once jig and minnow or jig and super bait minnow below a bobber. Or if you catch a couple walleye mark the spot with a bouy and try a jig and minnow without a bobber . The small crankbaits are good when working sandbars or shallow rocks. Another tip if you see bait fish rising to the surface there is likely a school of fish hearding the bait fish to the top. When you see this condition grap your rod rigged with the small crankbait. I recommend a light or medium action rod with a spin cast reel with 6 pound test. Tie your line directly to the crank bait for the best lure performance. Try small crank baits for catching mor crappie and bass. You just do not know what you are going to catch and thats what makes fishing these lures so fun!

 Pictured right small crankbait


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