How to catch fish. Froggin for bass. The secrets out.

A method he tried to keep secret. Dean Rojas an experts expert when it comes to frog bass fishing. Fishing the frog using exclusively this method has won him many bass tournaments and placed him very high in others. He did not want to tell or show anyone this method until one tournament the camera was filming his boat .

It was either fish as normal to win the tournament and let the camera film it (and let his secret out) or not fish this method and likely scuttle the tournament. He chose to fish the method in the tournament. His weedless frog method was then out for others to know. The lure is a weedless frog you can buy at a bait shop. The lure is a Spro bronzeye frog 65 in killer gill color , this color matches a bluegill.

The technique is to cast the weedless frog side arm letting the frog skip like a rock underneath overhanging and down trees. You skip the weedless frog from just as far underneath there as you can. Twitch and work the frog back to the boat. Hold the rod at a 6 oclock position and twitch that bait with the rod tip working the frog back and forth. From one side to the other.

You will be trying to imitate the popping and churgling noise of a small bluegill, which bass feed heavily on. Slight slack in the line on the retrieve is ok because when the bass hits you set the hook. immediately and abruptly. You can also use this skipping sidearm cast to throw (skip) the frog far under a dock. Picture throwing a flat rock and letting it skip across the water. That is what you want only with the frog.  Remember to learn the skill to cast sidearm to avoid the overhanging limbs.  Also to not neglect shorelines with little cover will also produce bass (but cover is preferred).

How to fish bass methods.

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