How to tie Flies. Get ready for those August and September grasshopper hatches by tying your own grasshopper flies.


The foam hopper is really not a difficult fly to tie. Steps to tie one are as follows:

1) use a number 4 sabre hook.

2) Use your bobbin and laydown a layer of thread on the shank of the hook as you would to start a normal fly.

3) For the body. Then take some black channile and lay over the shank of the hook. Wrap with the thread you have laid down as a base from forward to back.

4) Take a strip of yellow and black foam . Cut a strip aboat 1/8 inch long as long as the hook shank.    Put the yellow side up and lay over the top of the shank.

5) Start wrapping the foam at the back and put two rubber legs about a half inch long on the sides. Wrap with the thread 3 times.

6) Repeat number 5) for putting two rubber legs on the head of the fly. 7) Tie the knot in the thread. You can use your finger to tie the knot or use a whip finisher. 8) Trim the yellow foam at the ends changing from square to a more naturalround.

There you have it tying a fly foam hopper. Not a difficult fly to tie at all.

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