In using different methods in how to catch fish sometimes the simpler is better. One of my favorite fly fishing methods for stream trout is using a nightcrawler on a number 6 hook on a 6 to 7 foot leader. Use a split shot or two in front of the nightcrawler. Use enough split shot to get your nightcrawler down to the bottom where the fish are. Hook the night nightcrawler through the nose.  In using your fly rod fish the deeper pools. Let the nightcrawler drift naturally under undercut banks , under fallen trees logs, in eddys, or in any other cover the trout may be in. Start at the bottom of the pool keeping a low profile so you do not spook the fish. Cover fishing the entire pool spending more time in the fishier looking spots (like a deep eddy). If you experience your nightcrawler is being bit off without getting hooked use a second hook. Tie a pice of line to the first hook with enough length to hook the second hook in the middle of the nightcrawler. (You can opt for a spinner in front of your night crawler such as the one pictured in the photo.)Think of a trout in a deep pool feeding on tiny nymphs. A big nightcrawler comes drifting through the pool very naturally. Do you think a trout might be tempted. In many cases the answer is yes and that is why this method is very successful. Some fly fishing purists may scoff at this live bait method but I am not one of them. Be sure and check your regulations for the stream you are fishing. Some streams ban the use of live bait. For how to fly fish methods add the nightcrawler technique to your arsenal. It will help you catch more fish.

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