One of the most basic flys to tie is called the rabbit hare nymph. It is a nymph that will catch alot of fish. This nymph is my favorite nymph to fish and my favorite nymph to tie. The hare nymph simulates a may fly nymph. The steps needed to tie a hares ear nymph are below.

1) First put your hook in the vise and use your bobbin to start your thread around the shank of the hook.

2) Take pheasant tail fibers and attach to the shank of the hook over the thread you wound .

3) Take gold beed wire and wind over the pheassant tail and thread. The wire gives the nymph flash and weight to sink.

4) Over the gold bead wire create the abdomen of the nymph using hares dubbing.

5) Over the hares dubbing wind some more gold beed wire.

6) Now you will create the thorax cover. Take a piece of turkey tail and wind over in place with thread.

7) Then over tghe turkey tail dubb over with hares dubbing and attach by winding over with more thread.

8) Then you can opt to create legs with a small piece of pheasant tail. Wind thread to attach and trim to length.

9)  Build the head by winding  thread right behind the eye of the hook.

10) whip finish with a know.

I have tied the hares nymph steps 1-5 . Instead of the thorax with turkey tail add extra dubbing and little more gold beed wire. For fly tying your rabbit hare nymph is standard fly to tie that you should not be without.The hares nymph will help you catch more fish.

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